A People Management App With Messaging

You create clubs and groups in those clubs to fulfill common tasks

Available on the
App Store

Works in iPhones or iPads

You use email to login. You can use it in all your iOS devices and they are all automatically synced. The app is powered by Firebase, A powerful API to store and sync data in realtime.

Add Friends and Family

You can create a club or join another club. Once you create a club, you assign duties to individuals or groups. Communication takes place in groups or individually.

Your own little organization

You can assign named titles like CEO or CFO to your members and their duties will be that. You create clubs and manage the people in those clubs just like you would at work.

A Messaging App to accomplish tasks with friends and family

Create a club and assign tasks to you people, and communicate with messaging


Main chat page is the place where all meetings take place. There is also live messaging available between individuals or among sub groups. You can search for members to chat with or chat with all. Your title in the club will be subtitled in messages you send.


The FOUNDER or VP HR can add new members in. You can be a CEO in one group and a CTO in another, and just a MEMBER in yet another club. It is like working in many firms at the same time, but for handling tasks over messaging.


Peopler is simple but it mixes both email and SMS capabilities for managing tasks you have to fulfill with people, like your friends or family. It is a closed social network where you socialize and accomplish tasks internally in your club.

Why Peopler?

  • "Closed network only in your group and not open to the world"
    With Tight Friends, Family, Coworkers
  • "Be at many places at once and run many tasks all in once place"
    Your Wedding plan, your kids soccer team, your class...
  • "Peopler will help you handle tasks you have to do with other people"
    Simple and Easy

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